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WordPress Optimisation Service.

If you’ve got a WordPress website that’s performing poorly, has slow page loading times, and need it speeded up or optimised, I can help. I’ve been working in web hosting for around 10 years, and longer on websites themselves. I understand how your site can make use of the underlying stack, and how your site can eb tuned to gain improved performance audits.

This website optimisation service helps improve the performance of your website, which is a factor that search engines take in to account to determine how your site should rank in their search results. Not only does this service give your site visitors an improved user experience, but this also helps your website rank better in search engine results.

My goal is to get your site from this:

Website Optimistation

To this:

£200 for two days of website performance optimisaton

This cost covers 16 hours of work, which tends to cover most sites.

This service costs even less if you live, or your business is based in the South East Cornwall area.

Why you’d Want this service.

Since around 2012 the performance of a website has en effect on Google page ranking. If your site is slow or isn’t optimised for browser rendering, it can negatively affect where your site is found in Google search results.

There’s more to this than Google page ranking, though.

The circles shown above give an indication of how well your site performs when it’s visited by your potential customers. If they’re waiting a long time for your site’s pages to load, they’re seeing images flick around the page as it loads, or text is missing while browser rendering takes place are they going to stay on your site? Are they going to purchase your product or service? 

Don’t take the chance that the performance of your website might put them off!

Let me help you keep those site visitors looking at your sites pages, browsing products or services that you offer and edging toward the contact page on your site.

This website optimisation service covers one of the harder aspects of getting a good site running how it should. 

Why I offer this service.

There’s nothing more frustrating than making a beautiful website, getting some visitors, but no customer contact.

When you start looking in to why this might be, performance and user experience are words that you’re likely to see mentioned a lot.

There are a lot of performance measurement tools such as Google’s Pagespeed Site Audit Tool and GTMetrix’s performance analyser that you can use to identify performance problems with your site, and there’s a lot of information about how these tools analyse your site’s pages. But how do you actually put that into practice?

While there is a lot of guidance about the “how” side of things available on the internet (I even cover a lot WordPress optimisation on my blog) putting the guidance in to practice is one of the harder aspects of website design and creation.

I offer this service to help with the how, to help you have that beautiful website running with the speed and performance it deserves, all without you having to learn how browsers render web pages, how to make your CSS non-render blocking, what caching policies do and how to deploy them.

I remove this performance obstacle for you, all at a reasonable price.

Who I offer this service to.

I offer this service to anyone who runs their own WordPress website that needs help with website optimisation. Anyone who needs to improve website performance will find this service of value.

I also offer this website optimisation service to designers that find this technical aspect of website creation and management frustrating. This allows them to focus on creating great looking content, while I optimise page output to ensure the site not only looks good, but also peforms well.

I can either work for designers in a transparent manner or I can work directly with your client if you’d prefer. 

If you’re a website designer and more orientated toward graphical appearance rather than the technical aspects of website performance, I can help with this side of things.

I also offer this service to individuals or businesses that aren’t operating WordPress sites, but things can be limited, or in some cases impossible in some cases. I’ll take a look for free.

Areas Covered

I’m willing to work with anyone based in the UK that’s happy to work with a remote developer (I have clients as far afield as Yorkshire and Glamorgan).

If you’d prefer some face to face time, I chiefly cover the South East Cornwall area (if you need me to visit your business), which includes, but isn’t limited to, Liskeard, Bodmin, Saltash, Looe, Polperro, Lostwithiel, Callington, Fowey, Lanivet, Nanstallon, Pensilva, Torpoint, St Germans, Liskeard, Trerulefoot, Portwrinkle, Millbrook, Gunnislake, Minions, Par, St Blazey, St Austell, Plymouth and Tavistock.

How to get this service.

It’s really straight forward.

Drop me a message on my contact page.

We can work things out from there.

I’ll probably have to ask you a few questions to be able to gain an idea of what the situation is and what needs to be done, but I’m friendly and approachable, and everyone deserves a well running website.

Website optimisation services
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