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Duloe community shop

Duloe Community Shop: https://duloecommunityshop.co.uk/index.html

I created this website for our local community shop. I wanted to give the proprietors a website that they could use themselves and update as they liked without it being a voyage through computer mayhem. They run the shop as a community interest company, staffed almost entirely by volunteers. They’ve worked very hard to make it what it is today and it provides a valuable service to the local community. They also source as much as they can from local suppliers, it really is a local effort.

If you google Duloe shop you’ll find this page at number one in the search results… but then again, there is only one shop in Duloe! Shoppers from Liskeard might start turning up soon.

This website was put online on the 23rd of March 2023, and was consistently receiving multiple visitors on a daily basie by the 23rd of April, so it’s already proved popular and worth the effort.

This site looks a bit different from the others on this page as it’s made using the Weebly Site Builder. This was so that the owners could manage the content and post blogs about news and events in a few simple clicks. Weebly generates the site code for you, which does have a some impact on things like Google page analysis (if you want, you can see Google’s analysis by running https://duloecommunityshop.co.uk/index.html through this tool: https://pagespeed.web.dev/ ). That said, it’s more important that the owners can use it, and like it, and that the local community do as well.

A big thanks to Ben at Here For Design for his input.

This site is an example of the “Straightforward Site” package that I offer.

Clovercliff Holiday Cottage

Clovercliff holiday cottage created by someguycalledralph.co.uk

This was one of the first websites I made, and it’s been revamped several times. It’s first iteration was hand written HTML using frames (remember them?), that’s how old this site is. It’s gone from a 4 page poster to a site with contact forms, 3rd party calendar integrations and allows visitors to submit reviews and photos should they want them featured on the site. There’s also sheep. Lots of sheep.

My Mum and Dad had taken on running a family owned home as a holiday cottage and needed a website. The idea was to use the money made on the holiday cottage to renovate the property itself, which was sorely needed at the time. The cottage proved to be a success with holiday makers wanting a retreat away from the connections of modern day life. The proceeds made from it’s lettings have funded a new roof, an internal toilet, a new bathroom, kitchen, driveway and track. It’s still being let out to holiday makers in a picturesque part of wales.

Click on the picture to see the site. If you want to, you can see a Google page speed audit of this site by running https://www.clovercliff.co.uk/ through this tool: https://pagespeed.web.dev/ . If you compare this against the Duloe Community Shop website (above) you can see the difference in audit results between a weebly based site and a fully optimised “you control all the code” type site.

This site is an example of the “Enhanced Site” package that I offer. It’s fully SEO optimised, and integrates a booking calendar from a holiday lettings company, so when their booking calendar updates, the availability calendar on this site updates automatically.


I can't recommend Ralph highly enough. He's made getting my website up and running so simple and painless. It's refreshing that it can be made so easy when you get someone really good. Thank you Ralph.

Nev c Avatar Nev c
March 25, 2024

Really pleased with the website designed, and support given by Ralph. I finally have a website I feel happy editing and updating myself as it is so easy to use. Would completly recommend to others.

San Tom Avatar San Tom
October 7, 2023

Generally speaking…

Any website that I make is always looked at as a project.

It’s not just about getting words and pictures on the internet. I always take in to account the needs of the party the site is made for, whether they want to update and manage content in the future, for example.

I build on, or add to, any advertising or branding or internet presence that’s already been carried out should there be any. This could be anything from simply using a logo that’s already been made to integration with other websites (such as holiday lettings companies in the context of the holiday cottage website). Making websites isn’t my party, it’s yours, I’ll keep the drinks flowing and tidy up afterwards, you enjoy the benefits.

Website Portfolio
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