Boris Johnson’s Website Comments on his Tenure

Boris Johnson’s Website Comments on his Tenure.

Even Boris Johnson’s website doesn’t like him.

It turns out that even Boris Johnson’s website doesn’t like him, and feels strongly enough about this to error in a suitable fashion.

Boris Johnson's Website Comments on his Tenure

An invalid response and a protocol error (just the one?) seems a suitably apt way for a piece of technology to pass comment on the gentleman that it’s supposed to promote.

The error itself (if you’re in to this kind of thing), means that there’s a lack of certificate installed on

Boris Johnson has no certificate

Whilst this may be indicative of checks that potential future employers might be wise undertake, it doesn’t stop there.

In website world certificates are used to validate authenticity of a domain, and are involved in the encryption or security handshake.

So not only have we got a protocol error, and invalid response, no authenticity, and a lack of security, it’s all rounded off nicely with a dodgy handshake.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Just me then.


The certificate on has now been updated, so this joke isn’t even funny any more (whether it was in the first place is questionable).

Now it’s online, I can’t work out if the site is pro-Boris or anti-Boris. Maybe I should ask the site administrators, I’m sure they’ll have a contact form somewhere…


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