Wordpress Administration

How to administer your Wordpress installation, security, migrations, changing the address of a Wordpress site and more.

How To Enable WordPress Debugging

How To Enable WordPress Debugging (wp-debug). How to enable WordPress debugging. In this guide I’ll be covering what WordPress debugging is (or wp-debug as it’s sometimes referred to), why you might want to enable WordPress debugging, and how to enable WordPress’ debugging mode. You can click here find out how to enable WordPress debugging if

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Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress

Error Establishing Database connection WordPress Error establishing database connection when using WordPress, can be encountered if your WordPress based site can’t connect to the database used by your site. WordPress’ own advice about this is quite minimal, as it’s not really a WordPress centric issue, it’s more related to the underlying services (specifically the database) and

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An Accidental WordPress Experiment.

An Accidental WordPress Experiment. Last week, I accidentally did an experiment with my WordPress site (yes, this one). The results of the experiment that I accidentally found that I’d done, were a bit surprising. I’ve also been searching for related information on the internet to see if anyone else had experienced a similar kind of

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