Getting Started

Getting started with website creation, the initial steps you’ll need to take to be able to start creating a site.

About this blog

About this blog – website creation Read the section below before you begin. It’s pretty hard to write a blog covering all aspects of website creation, as there are so many different ways of creating a website. The do it yourself website creation category on this blog is orientated toward commonly available technologies, which are: […]

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Choosing a Domain

Choosing a domain Choosing a domain that suits your business is an important first step when it comes to getting started with website creation. You’ll need to choose a domain, then register it before you can even begin to get started on your site. As we’ve already discussed, every business needs a website. Put in

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Choosing Hosting

Choosing hosting Choosing hosting, if you haven’t done it before, might leave you wondering where to start. How can you choose something that you can’t see, you can’t touch, you’ve never used before and you’re not really sure how you’ll use it in the future? This article gives you an idea what hosting is and

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